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  • Surgical Absorbent Cotton Roll

    Surgical cotton or cotton wool also known as Absorbent cotton is mainly used for medical purposes in hospitals, nursing homes, Dispensaries etc., because of high fluid absorbency power, it is better known as absorbent cotton.

    • Made of pure 100% cotton fibers
    • Cotton wool roll is designed for cleaning and disinfecting parts of the body

  • Absorbent Zig Zag Cotton Roll

    Medical hygroscopic hygienic wool is made from high-quality absorbent cotton wool, bleached without the use of chlorine or optical whiteners

    •  Provides maximum absorbent and cleaning effect.
    • Suitable for any skin types and has no contraindications.
    • "Zig-Zag" - a convenient form of packaging for cotton wool.
  • Absorbent Gauze Than

    Manufactured using 100% cotton gauze, these are highly absorbent to increase efficiency.

    • Filmated dressing gauze are designed for use on top of wounds or incisions.
    • These multi-layered gauze are covered with a non-woven fabric facing to ensure greater absorbency
    • Available in 18x100 (m x cm)
  • Gauze Roll Bandages

    Gauze rolls are layered, woven cotton that is rolled tightly and sealed in individual packaging.

    • Available in3x5, 3x7.5, 3x10,3x15(mxcm)
  • Adult Diapers

    Super absorbent single-use diapers for urinary incontinence. With a discreet design and easy to use function these diapers allow an adult to carry on their normal lifestyle free from incontinence issues 

    • Available in Medium, Large, XL sizes
  • Nurse Caps

    Used to keep the hair neatly in a place and to prevent contamination

    • Fluid-resistant, lightweight,bouffant
      spun bond
    • Soft, non-binding, latex-freeelastic band
  • Surgeon caps

    Adjustable soft thread elastic for comfort fittings, avoids escape of hair, dandruff and micro-organisms during process. These caps are made from spun bond polymer non-woven fabric. This material is preferred for its light weight. Its gravity is lighter than hydrophobic PP fibers so it has excellent water repellence and air permeability resulting in providing comfort & dryness resulting in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal resistance.

  • Disposable Surgical Gown

    Used to protect both the Healthcarre professional and patient during surgery from liquid or blood-based pathogen.

  • Non-Woven Shoe Covers
    • Fluid-resistant, durable polypropylene
    •  Fully elasticized and nonconductive
    • Available with elastic band

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